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Belek; with its long sandy beach, clean sea, pine forests, international size golf courses and attractive holiday villages, is the best tourism centre of the Mediterranean. However, this spectacular area is not only a tourism district but also an area providing protection to the natural life of the Mediterranean . For this reason, architecture and facilities in Belek Tourism Centre are organized in a way that would not disturb natural life and vegetation.

In the relation to the construction plan almost all high standard resort facilities are delicately placed between the beach and the forest harmoniously.

Besides, joint works with the environmental organizations continue, which aim to improve the stream and the watery area extending towards the east of the forest and to turn this area into a Bird Paradise. It is found out that there are various kinds of birds in this area, all being new and unregistered species.

Caretta Caretta turtles from all over the world come to Belek beaches every year to lay their eggs. This phenomena of nature, i.e. new species of birds, Caretta Caretta turtles etc are the proofs of its rightly obtaining the title of Natural Paradise.

To sum up, there is a large variety of activities that Belek offers to all vacationers. The sand, the sea, the sunshine, together with the possibility to observe natural life, culture, history and of course, golf companionship are some examples.


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